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5 Exciting Careers a Degree in Communications Will Prepare You For

By Stephanie L

Updated January 21, 2022 Updated January 21, 2022

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Communication graduates are highly sought-after in almost every industry and sector, from business to law, education to media, healthcare to marketing. Whether you want a job that influences, entertains, or informs the world, a communications degree can give you access to some of the most dynamic pathways in today’s workforce accompanied by high-earning potential.

We’ve teamed up with EU Business School to round up five of the most exciting careers a degree in communication can prepare you for.

Social media manager


Social media manager working on laptop


Average salary: US$50,632

Social media managers are the voice of the business – an essential role in any modern business that uses and relies on digital media content.

We’re seeing a rapid rise in the number of social media roles being created for today’s fast-moving digital world. Those who have a creative mindset, excellent communication skills – both written and oral – as well as an understanding of the power of engaging multimedia content, will be well suited to this sort of role.

It’s important to know how to communicate the brand in a positive light as you plan, develop and execute bespoke marketing and advertising plans across the company’s social media channels to boost visibility, traffic and engagement. This can include the strategizing of both paid and organic campaigns.

Campaign manager


Campaign team working


Average salary: US$57,713

Campaign managers work in close-knit teams to coordinate and run thoughtful and solid organizational campaigns for a product, service or event. Strong communication skills, the ability to lead and be well organized, as well as having a creative flair, are essential for this particular role.

Campaign managers can write effectively for different audiences, adapting to the many marketing avenues used in campaigns, including television, radio, print, email and other digital platforms. 

A degree in communication and public relations is the ideal starting point for finding work in communications, public relations, and of course – campaigns. Students who study the Bachelor’s in Communication & PR can study specializations such as Fundamentals of PR, PR Campaigns, Marketing Across Cultures, as well as Advertising, Media & Branding.

Technical writer


Technical writer planning website layout


Average salary: US$59,841

Technical writing is an ideal career those who are meticulous perfectionists with an eye for detail. Excellent writing, editing and proof reading skills are essential, as is the ability to understand complex data and carry out research efficiently.

Technical writers must successfully communicate specialist and complex information to non-specialist audiences in a clear and concise way whilst developing, editing and formatting such information through various communication media like printed, digital, audio-visual and in some instances, touch.

Technical writers are adaptable in their writing styles for various audience types and different types of commission. For example, they may be asked to edit instruction manuals, develop medical information leaflets or re-format website layouts to ensure they’re more user-friendly.

You may want to consider further career preparation and undertake additional training or work experience. Although there is no fixed career path when it comes to being a technical writer, a communications degree is a great way to help get you started and lay the foundations.



Copywriters working together


Average salary: US$43,496-US$51,000

Copywriters can let their imaginations run wild as they develop original and creative copy for clients and brands to help drive business and marketing success. This copy can include articles, press ads, slogans, marketing emails, large advertising campaigns, TV ads and radio jingles, among many others.

Copywriters often work as part of a creative team headed by an art director and must be able to craft a winning and persuasive message in tandem with the other team members. They must be fast, adaptable and be able to write for specific audiences on a wide range of media platforms.

Starting off, junior copywriters can expect an average starting salary of around US$43,496, which can advance to US$51,000 with experience.

Public relations specialist


Public relations specialist giving interview


Average salary: US$63,734

Public relations specialists work very closely with their client or company (if working as an in-house PR specialist). Their written and verbal communication skills, along with the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with major publications and broadcasters, are critical.

Public relations specialists are comfortable working under pressure and in a fast-paced environment as they develop public-facing communication strategies to ensure a positive public image of the brand. This can involve preparing and writing press releases, appear at public events, as well as undertake a variety of other tasks that have a positive influence on a brand’s image.

A bachelor’s in communications provides an excellent basis should you want to pursue this career path.

This article was originally published in April 2020 . It was last updated in January 2022

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