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Our vision;

Is to bring assisting help to people who, may not know the how to, but have the vision to bring greatness to others! Hi im Brian Keith Founder and CEO of the IKA (Innovation Knights Association)! We are a company made of many great minds,strong hearts, & who believe in the freedom of the Constitution! Our company is not just the protectors of the America’s Constitution. We are the ones who are going to protect it and bring many smiling faces along with us. IKA Members we raise our left hand and place our right on the King James Bible. Our Members Are the nations top police officer, USA Soldiers, Firefighters, Medical & Doctors, And mostly Law biden citizens like yourself. To find out more about how to be accepted into the IKA. Send a request form asking for info to: adtvad@gmail.com subject line: I wont to Become a IKA Member!

Our Story

First i have to say this; i have always had a heart to pull people together during hard times and misunderstanding. Some who have great ideas, but never knew where to start. After traveling many places and meeting people who wanted to be more, give more, and be the next big talk. One problem was they didn’t know where to begin. Well that’s how we became the IKA by helping others with their issues! After many years of doing so much for others and helping them make their dreams come true, i found myself to have left mine behind. When i decided to start the IKA i was not in the right mind set to begin a company that helps and protects others ideas and freedom. After many telling me to get out there and start helping myself to help others along the way, so i did! After a few months now i have grown to be a very strong supporter of news, businesses, and parties or events! I found my travels to the most blessed learning tool a person could ever have been taught! I found myself with the knowledge and connection to some very important people in this world! From music legends, to how to bring a party to life. I found myself growing into a very well knowledge person. Who has the heart and mind to bring out the best in your next event’s!

Meet the Team

Im looking for the right people to bring the IKA to the top. Are you one of them? Submit your application to


Subject: I am who your looking for!

I’d like to find good, Sales reps, Web Designer, Product control. and VP!

Founder & CEO

Brian Keith

Founder & CEO

I was Born &amp Raised in the Tampa, Florida.

Vice President

Eric Teagan

Vice President


Timothy Barrett


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