God Saved MY Sister:

In a moment our life can change from everything to the worst feelings you can only imagine! I always been the protector of my mother and little sister. God gives us challenges to test our hearts and soul. At around 9:59 pm last night god tested my heart again for my family. I was watching netflix with my head sets on when my mother, who was laying down in her bed! Jumps up and comes into the living room where i was, With her phone to her ear waving at me. I removed my earbuds! beginning to hear the story from my mother. On the phone was my brother-in-law telling my mom that something wasn’t right!
Mother puts her phone on speaker, so her and i could listen to what was being said.
I hear the words “i just got home” , “found the front door wide open” “Jax all Alone” (Jax is a 9 month old baby)! Listening, Realizing something wasn’t right! Mom and i both said “let’s get down there now”! My sister only living within a mile from us. Mother and i went! Upon arrival, Rob (Brother-in-law) Was on the front porch with Preston (nephew), Robbie (step-nephew) and little Jax. Mom takes Jax inside the home and Rob was on the phone maken calls to my sister (Shawna) friends! For a few moment of time mom comes to the front door saying “Son something isn’t right here”! “I have that gut feeling as well mom”! “Son Shawna wouldn’t leave the baby, purse, phone, and Definitely! She wouldn’t ever leave without her teeth”! With A worry feeling coming over me. I knew then something wasn’t right here! As a few moments went by! Not a word being said by anyone. I ask Rob! ” Could she went to the store and be broke down?” Rob “I don’t think so, i spoke to her on the phone. She asked me to bring her home a drink”! I stood there for a few mins in silence, just thinking! I get this feeling, as if someone was telling me to go find her. I Yell to my mother in the house “Mom i’ll be back in a few. I going to see if she is brockdown”! I head in the direction of where she could be. Searching back roads and main roads in the area of Riverview, Florida. Taken me the time of a good half hour. I decided to call Rob. Answering the phone. Me “Hey Rob any word”? Rob “Nothing Yet”! Me “I’ll Head back there! Call me if any word”! Rob “K”!
The time by now was around 10:34pm. Placing my phone in its little cubby hole it lights up for just a second. I look seen it was Shelby (My Nephews Ex-Girlfriend, also mother to Jax). Shelby has never called my phone in many month’s. In a concern thought I returned her call.
Me “Shelby you call?”
Shelby “No!! I must have butt dialed you”.
me “oh really! You wouldn’t haven to know where my sister maybe”?
Shelby “No why? I haven’t been to, by, or over at her house area since saturday”.
Me “OK”!
Shelby “is Jax ok?”!
Me “jax is fine!, we are looking for my sister”!
Shelby “well i have been home ever since i got off work at 5pm, I have plenty of people who has been with me here since”.
Me “shelby why did you feel you had to tell me all that”? Phone goes dead, from where she hung up on me.
Arriving back i see Rob walking around the yard talking to somebody on the phone. I get out and stand silencely next to the car, waiting for Rob to finish with his call.
I ask my nephews! who were on the porch, if anyone has called the Police? With a quick comment “Yeah”!, was all ever said. Rob walks up to me with the phone still at his ear “Hey, when cops arrive tell them that baby Jax was with Robbie and I”! With a odd look and feelings i just stood there. Thinking of what he just said. Now in my mind i’m thinking why the hell did he just say this to me. First i’m not going to lie for nobody. Second that was a very odd demanding comment coming from Rob!
About 10 minutes went by, i’m getting more concern and upset with all the actions of Rob and His Son. Both never acted like they was worried or scared that this could turn into a nightmare. Being the man i am, i can understand not to show feelings until need to. But first and far most, If it was my women of 10 years and i loved her as much as he says he does. I’d be in my vehicle going nuts looking for her. Just like i did myself, for my sister!
I took a moment to go into talking with my father the lord all mighty.
In a silence prayers asking! God the father to please with all of my heart lord, bring my sister home alive, safe, and unhurt! I stood there for a good bit of time praying over n over.
Well before i blew my top over the lack of concerns coming from everyone there, except my mother God bless her. I Decided! i’m going to go look for her again. Pulling out of the yard, Finally the police arrive!
Getting out of my car
Officer “Sir you stand there, who is the husband”?
Rob speaks “i am sir”!
Officer “come here then and the rest of you just stay put”! Along with this officer of the law came another officer who was getting everyone in place for questions.
The officer then asked “Where are the Kids”?
Kinda odd question to ask right away!
Robbie speaks up “Officer we are the kids along with Jax”! The look on the officers face was dumbfounded look. You know that look. Everyone Knows them dumbfounded looks.
Officer “No! the babies that was left in the home”? Now what makes this also funny, the so called kids are 28, 19, and 9 months!
Robbie “We are the only kids here sir!”
Officer “Ok, You come with me”! “the rest of you stay put”
Im standing in front of the home hurting, (cause i can’t stand that good, due medical reason). Thinking i’m going to have to sit down soon.
My mother comes out front Looking for me. Asking me if i go back home to get her phone? We both left in a hurry. Mom left her phone. I ask the officers if i could go get my mothers phone from the home. They both said go ahead.
I get home i hear my mothers phone ringing. i hurry to the phone. “Hello!” In a harsh, crying, filled with fear voice i hear:
“Bubba please come get me, id been kidnapped Bubba, I’m at the circle k on the corner of madison and hwy 41”!
Me: “I’m on my way sister”!, with tears filling my eye’s.
My sister: “Please hurry bubba”! The phone goes dead.
With all i had, I head that way as fast as i could get there. With 4 ways going and the headlight a flashing from low to high beams. Not a car in the way and every light was green. Thanking the lord every second along the way.
Arriving at the Circle k store!
I see two officers with their doors open. I pull up next to one of them! Car still running, lights on, jumping out. My heart skip beats as i lay eyes on my sister. The fear of never seeing her again going away slowly as joy of her being live enters!
Her Eyes full of tears, mud covered bare feet, messed up dress, hair pin back, running from the other side of the officers car, into my arms! My sister wrapped around me bursting into more heartfelt tears!
She knew her big brother has her safe.
Holding her until she was ready to let go. I just kept saying “brother got you, your safe sis”!
Hearing her saying: “bubba i was so scared, but i was looking for a tree, car, anything i could run as hard as i could into”!
Me: “sis you did the right thing to get back home to us all alive, safe, and ok”!
Sis: “bubba he had a gun in my face and i couldn’t get Jax out”! “please tell me he is safe and ok”!
Me: “he is fine sis you did the right thing to protect you family”!
The officer came over and asked me who i was? I told the Female officer who i was and gave them my info she asked for. My Sister Begin to tell me step by step the horror she went threw, only tells me that God heard my prayers. From where he took her and the place God Showed me was all connected. Even though i wasn’t the one who found her at that same location just 35 mins earlier. was because God had her walking threw the woods safe and sound.
My sister was at home with the front door open, as she does all the time.To allow cool night air flow into the home and relax to the smell of freshness. She gave Jax a bath and was getting him ready for bed. When the phone rang at 9:07pm. Being Jax father calling from county jail to speak to my sister, his mother! After a 4 min call. My sister getting Jax ready for bed. Headed in to the room to find Jax a night time outfit to wear. My sister turns to come out of her room to find a man in a skull face masked. Pointing a weapon in her face demanding for her to give him a ride! My sister offered him the keys, but he refused them telling her to drive. So my sister agreeing as long as he didnt hurt her kids. She was forced to drive with a full tank of fuel. She knew she was in for a ride. She gets in and as he enters she tries to jump out, but he grabbed her hair pulling her back in.
“Drive and don’t pull that shit again”! My sister tells him she will comply with his demands! The pull out heading towards the hwy 41. At the intersection of hwy 41 and Riverview Dr, he tells her to head north. So my sister makes her a right turn on hwy 41 heading north. Just across the rail road tracks he tells her to turn right at the next rd. Heading towards the East Bay Raceway. My sister turns and keeps driving waiting on the next demand when he says in a deeper voice “stop right here”! “Get out”! My sister does as she is told. The Man still with his mask on tells her “If you call the law or run to anyone’s home, remember i know where you and your kids live”! Gets in the driver’s seat trying hard to get the vehicle to move at first. Hearing him reave up the engine a few times told me he didn’t know how to drive a automatic stated by my sister! He got it finally as he speeds away, leaving her on a long dark road.
My sister scared, barefoot, and nervous. She began to walk as fast as she could to a cover area incase he decided to come back. Her thoughts and fears that he was heading back towards her home to bring harm, kidnap, or something to her kids! with this on her mind gave her the strength to walk as fast as she could to find help!
With in the next 35min my sister found herself at the store where a officer had stopped to use the restroom. My sister waited for him to come from the restroom. When he returns she begins telling him what just had happened. Starting the investigation of her kidnapping, breaking and entering, false imprisonment, Assault with a weapon, bodily assault, grand felony home invasion, grand theft auto, etc! Due to this the call of the FBI was brought in! All Children are safe and sound! We keep you Updated on this case as more comes in. Her 1998 Ford Explorer white w/black strip along bottom is still missing!
Any info please call crime stoppers or call 813-401-5236 with any help to bring justice to family!
-Brian Keith

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