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NUST MISIS Master's Students Talk About Admissions

By Niamh O

Updated May 19, 2021 Updated May 19, 2021

Although university admissions in 2020 have moved entirely online, not much has changed for international applicants applying to university.

In previous years, prospective students from all over the world could apply online for NUST MISIS’s international Master’s programs and take entrance exams via videoconferencing, and in 2020, the same admissions process still applies.

In case the coronavirus pandemic was to worsen at the beginning of the academic year, NUST MISIS will provide first-year students with the opportunity to switch to the online learning format.

This decision was made because 25 percent of students at NUST MISIS are international, hailing from 84 countries. If students can’t arrive in Moscow to start studies in the coming academic year, classes will be conducted online. NUST MISIS’s well-developed digital infrastructure enables the university to provide educational content in full.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education said students arriving in Moscow will be able to study after 14 days of self-isolation once they provide a medical certificate with their COVID-19 test results. The university will also supply students and faculty with required medical masks and gloves that will be a necessity during face-to-face classes.

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First-year students have their say

Sina Nikneshan, Iran, a first-year student of the Data Science English-taught Master's program

Why did you choose NUST MISIS? What are your expectations from the educational program and the university, based on what you know about it?

I decided to get my Master’s degree abroad and chose Russia for many reasons such as lower tuition fees, highly ranked universities, quality of education, ease to get a visa etc.

I searched for the program I wanted and found one at NUST MISIS that was in English. Then I started looking for information about the university and learned it's a great university with high ranks and a great location in the heart of Moscow. So, it was everything I wanted. I found the program I wanted to study (data science) in English at a great university so I applied for it.

How have your educational plans been impacted by COVID? Has it affected your expectations of what Russia/NUST MISIS will be like?

Anyone who has decided to study abroad wants to study on campus not online. Because of COVID, borders are closed and maybe courses will be online, but I hope this problem will be solved soon and I will be able to start studying in Moscow.

Was the admissions process easy enough for you? Was it organized well at all stages despite COVID restrictions?

The admission process was really comfortable. All the detailed information is on the university’s website and the university Admissions Manager Miss Mariam Korkmazova helped me a lot and answered my questions. Entrance exams and an interview were online.

Do you have any worries concerning your education during the coronavirus pandemic?

I’m not worried about the COVID pandemic itself. I am only worried about closed borders and the ability to get my visa, but I hope the issue will be solved soon and I will start my education in Moscow.

Have you consulted any university rankings (QS, THE, ARWU) while choosing your university? Was it important for you?

Yes, university rankings were important to me and I found NUST MISIS ranks on the QS website. I also checked other details like research output, a number of foreign students, etc. – which all helped me to choose NUST MISIS.

Emmanuel Agudey, a first-year student on the English-taught Data Science Master's program

Why have you chosen NUST MISIS? What are your expectations from the educational program and the university, based on what you now know?

I chose NUST MISIS because it is one of the leaders of technological education in Russia and also has one of the largest and fastest-growing research centers in Russia. NUST MISIS focuses on establishing a creative environment for unlocking the potential of every student.

I am looking forward to graduating with the necessary skills to become a data scientist, and to be able to fit in the educational and industrial sectors in my country and international societies.

How have your educational plans been impacted by COVID? Has it affected your expectations of what Russia/NUST MISIS will be like?

COVID has affected my educational plans financially since I have not been able to work and earn and save much money for tuition as planned. It has not affected my expectation of what Russia/NUST MISIS will be like because Russia is a well-developed country and also one of the world leaders in providing quality education, so I believe they will manage the pandemic well.

Was the admissions process comfortable for you? Was it organized well at all stages despite COVID restrictions?

Yes, the admission process was very comfortable. Everything was done in an orderly manner. NUST MISIS also provided quick responses to all my inquiries and gave better explanations to help me understand every step of the admission process.

Do you have any worries concerning the education process in the period of COVID pandemics?

I’m not very worried about the education process. The school has put adequate measures in place to prioritize student safety and deliver education and courses effectively.

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This article was originally published in September 2020 . It was last updated in May 2021

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